no love for ned 
setlist for 6.11.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
nedelle ghost ships the locksmith cometh tangram sevens
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
boats our new contestants intercontinental champion conifera
los campesinos! you! me! dancing! sticking fingers into sockets ep arts and crafts
kiss kiss college film s/t ep eyeball
miniature tigers giraffe s/t ep modern art
the jolly fellow ukelele band eight sided dice alone on aloha island ep bunch of beatniks
midgets and hairs the pause i'm a big kid now! split 7" with marshmallow coast fuzzy aloof
nara leao meu ego os meus amigos sao um barato philips
dorothy ashby wax and wane the rubaiyat of dorothy ashby dusty groove
opsvik and jennings commuter anthem commuter anthems rune grammofon
alain romans ambiance rettour de vacances les vacances de monsieur hulot soundtrack travelling
the bitter tears slay the heart of the earth tour ep (self-released)
alec k. redfearn and the eyesores candy-ass every man for himself and god against all corleone
last exit enemy within s/t enemy
feathers tone poem synchromy ep hometapes
bobby birdman i will come again (and again remix) yacht - our friends in hell compilation states rights
caribou she's the one andorra merge
the zincs rice scars black pompadour thrill jockey
gudrun gut blatterwald i put a record on monika
thrushes heartbeats sun come undone birdnote
miracle fortress have you seen in your dreams five roses secret city
fog hallelujah daddy ditherer warp
the yips guilt the seven pillars of the yips menlo park
the masons preemptive denial let you down easy seventy five or less
the gordons sometimes s/t flying nun
sally egyptian rat screw long live the new flesh paribus
sufjan stevens in the words of the governor the believer 2007 music issue compilation mcsweeney's
taxi taxi maps and legends maps and legends man-hug
the loose salute the mutineer tuned to love graveface
dorsey burnette cold as usual the complete motown singles volume four - 1964 hip-o select
brett randall and his pinecones some young guy quite precisely just friends
mark everett taking a bath in rust levity soundtrack pleximusic
band of horses the end's not near the funeral 7" kids