no love for ned 
setlist for 6.18.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
joel plaskett emergency fabulous people ashtray rock maple music
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the mountain movers bombshelter we've walked in hell and there is life after death safety meeting
trixie's big red motor bike in timbuktu the intimate sounds of trixie's big red motor bike lp accident
boat cats on the fm let's drag our feet magic marker
wimp factor 14 train song train song 7" harriet
stereo total patty hearst paris/berlin kill rock stars
the takeovers my will bad football off
home blitz hey! s/t 7" (self-released)
no age everybody's down weirdo rippers fat cat
motor ghost tremble a gold chain round her breast lp dancing wayang
prairie dog flesh roundheads take the green over the red three lobed
fly ashtray ostrich atmosphere clumps takes a ride shimmy disc
the feelies too much only life a&m
faris nourallah everything is relative gone kitchen music
david vandervelde jacket the moonstation house band secretly canadian
great northern a sun, a sound trading twilight for daylight eeinie meenie
ben and vesper cheer up, cheers! live on no love for ned  
ben and vesper vow takers live on no love for ned  
ben and vesper all is forgiven live on no love for ned  
ben and vesper live free or try live on no love for ned  
ben and vesper eight months live on no love for ned  
wildbirds and peacedrums the battle in water heartcore found you
tinyfolk a winter song love doesn't grow on trees bunch of beatniks
captain america indian summer flame on ep paperhouse
the constant c bear s/t ep (self-released)
this bank holiday folded in half good looks to camera ep the lost lonesome recording co.
mj hibbett and the validators the lesson of the smiths the lesson of the smiths ep artists against success
the hidden cameras she's gone awoo arts and crafts
un deux trois forty-five rpm lovers ep holidays for quince
linda draper keepsake keepsake planting seeds
judee sill jesus was a cross maker live in london - bbc recordings 1972-1973 water
magnolia electric co. texas '71 nashville moon secretly canadian