no love for ned 
setlist for 6.25.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
herman dune i wish that i had someone that i loved well i wish that i could see you soon single source
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
taken by trees too young open field rough trade
norfolk and western with graves graduation fleetwood's hack ep people in a position to know
the pathways last buffalo gray blaze asaurus
lost on purpose thank you music guru anniversary ep sundays in spring
lone pigeon oh catherine concubine rice domino
secret mommy trust me, cub plays ache
annea lockwood wine glass early works 1967-1982 em
piana hydrangea eternal castle noble
tied and tickled trio chlebnikov aelita morr
st. vincent now, now marry me beggars banquet
bishop allen the chinatown bus the broken string dead oceans
unbunny dental hygienist songs for another place compilation awful bliss
arthur and yu the ghost of old bull lee in camera hardly art
kendra smith wheel of the law the guild of temporary adventurers ep fiasco
the new pornographers myriad harbour challengers matador
the capstan shafts right on the malthus violet consumption ep (self-released)
hallelujah the hills wave back to massachusetts live on no love for ned  
hallelujah the hills the house is all lit up live on no love for ned  
hallelujah the hills sleeper agent (just waking up) live on no love for ned  
hallelujah the hills paper pilots live on no love for ned  
hallelujah the hills slow motion records broken at break neck speeds live on no love for ned  
hopewell bethlehem beautiful targets tee pee
shitt hottt law and order are you there god? it's me, shitt hottt (self-released)
i got you on tape pins and needles s/t auditorium
red krayola say hello to jamie jones god bless the red krayola and all who sail with it collectables
shrimp boat melon song speckly specimen products
au remain s/t oedipus
pumice ceremonial knives the great koonaklaster speaks - a john fahey celebration compilation table of the elements
beulah alpha incipiens handsome western states (japanese version) tone vendor
sonic youth eric's trip (demo) daydream nation (deluxe edition) geffen
st. thomas the present there's only one of me racing junior
seu jorge life on mars the life aquatic studio sessions hollywood