no love for ned 
setlist for 7.16.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
alig fodder infamy infamy 7" tomlab
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
my darling you! salary i will exclude you with my body language ep luxury
hutch and kathy my unborn beautiful s/t jealous butcher
mid-state orange flag two flag festival ep drive-in
oh no! oh my! the party punch between the devil and the sea ep dim mak
nerdy girl do you like me? s/t 10" no life
the six parts seven falling over everything casually smashed to pieces suicide squeeze
(r) in spring with my diamond ring in pink important
women in tragedy eclipse my eyelids constellations cut hands
odd nosdam the kill tone two level live wires anticon
geoff reacher look me in the eye avec reacher c'est plus sure orange twin
we are soldiers we have guns the line is a dot to you s/t ep stereo test kit
mum marmalade fires go go smear the poison ivy fat cat
new buffalo i'm the drunk and you're the star somewhere, anywhere. arts and crafts
the sarcastic dharma society while sitting by the window this is me with a piano and a lot of love ep oh! map
casiotone for the painfully alone i should have kissed you when i had the chance live on no love for ned  
casiotone for the painfully alone it's a crime live on no love for ned  
casiotone for the painfully alone new year's kiss live on no love for ned  
casiotone for the painfully alone bobby malone live on no love for ned  
john cooper clarke evidently chickentown snap, crackle and bop epic
the san marinos super sexy tv-girl super sexy tv-girl ep liao
the fiery furnaces my egyptian grammar widow city thrill jockey
axe riverboy fences tu tu to tango jvc victor
bedroom walls who's been driving round for days all good dreamers pass this way baria
tuatara missionary death song east of the sun fast horse
art in manila the abomination set the woods on fire saddle creek
polka dot dot dot wicker frames love letter to new zealand bicycle
shelby sifers just inches run around, run around oh! map
fit and limo with the river astralis september gurls
begushkin in the yard nightly things locust
thurston moore never light trees outside the academy ecstatic peace
david crosby song with no words (tree with no leaves) if i could only remember my name rhino