no love for ned 
setlist for 7.23.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
the arrogants lovesick you've always known when best to say goodbye letterbox
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
for ex-lovers only mindy (le findy) (myspace mp3) (unreleased)
tiger trap treasure sour grass ep k
elias and the wizzkids wonderwall the dance ep hybris
the nobility halleluiah chorus the mezzanine (self-released)
the ruby suns my ten years on auto-pilot s/t lil' chief
eyvind kang repetito athlantis ipecac
balla et ses balladins sakhodougou objectif perfection syliphone
the godz womban the third testament esp
bob wills and his texas playboys get with it take me back to tulsa proper
people like us and ergo phizmiz oh no not another cha cha perpetuum mobile soleilmoon
scott tuma jim white drums hard again truckstop
wovoka ktoty pine rag paiste de holy room
telegraph melts cantus for theodore n. ilium absolutely kosher
circus devils love hate relationship with the human race sergeant disco ipecac
minny pops footsteps drastic measures, drastic movement ltm
liars sailing to byzantium s/t mute
faca la mujer vampiro mi deporte favorito nuevos ricos
ponoko light years to kill hindsight volkoren
hans appelqvist tank att himlens alla stjarnor sifantin och morkret hapna
swod frost sekunden city centre offices
serafina steer peach heart cheap demo bad science static caravan
susanna for you sonata mix dwarf cosmos rune grammofon
amp small light all of yesterday tomorrow rroopp
marmoset not nice florist fired secretly canadian
saturday looks good to me idiots cold colors ep polyvinyl
poppy and the jezebels gracelin follow me down ep reveal
darren hanlon right here write your adventures down - a tribute to the go-betweens red label
elk city you got me new believers friendly fire
cool blue halo spark-o-matic kangaroo no
houseguest muted mesa high strangeness audio eagle
superchunk misfits and mistakes misfits and mistakes 7" merge