no love for ned 
setlist for 7.30.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
prints blue jay s/t temporary residence
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
polka dot dot dot miss restless love letter to new zealand bicycle
the pancakes jane and jenny add to friends compilation someone good
nancy sesay and the melodaires c'est fab c'est fab 7" it's war boys
the world court maps animal oracle 7" tomlab
below the sea rusty bikes split tour ep w/ miaou where are my records
greg malcolm unknown rembetika the need for a crossing - a new new zealand volume one compilation table of the elements
tarentel dreamtigers ghetto beats on the surface of the sun temporary residence
tom carter and christian kiefer song that land sings a rather solemn promise the greag pop supplement
nancy elizabeth the remote past battle and victory leaf
little wings scuby soft pow'r rad
karl blau salty soup the coconutcracker suite kelp
skallander dismemberment skallander iii type
bjorns vanner visa mig tappat halva hjarnan adrian
to bad catholics oh, cn mallorytown (self-released)
bishop allen click, click, click, click live on no love for ned  
bishop allen like castanets live on no love for ned  
bishop allen butterfly nets live on no love for ned  
ben and bruno pack of light blue birds one hundred grim reapers ypsilanti
they shoot horses don't they speck of dust pick up sticks kill rock stars
the rentals little bit of you in everything the last little life ep boompa
pete and the pirates knots stolen 2007 compilation stolen
the rats and people the trees the city of passersby (self-released)
strobe talbot extreme happiness twenty pop songs alternative tentacles
blossom toes what's it for we are ever so clean marmalade
michael yonkers band the clock is running microminiature love subpop
uncle wiggly it's looking good rutles highway revisited- a tribute to the rutles shimmydisc
xtc making plans for nigel drums and wires caroline
binary forest faux pas paper axe all i see is numbers school glue
swell maps cake shop girl jane from occupied earth secretly canadian
m. ward look me over duet for guitars number two merge