no love for ned 
setlist for 8.27.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
the pastels swerve sittin' pretty homestead
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
pop will eat itself sick little girl now for a feast rough trade
the pains of being pure at heart orchard of my eye s/t ep rainbow
pocket rockets a film by shooting love or perish teenbeat
pete and the pirates humming come on feet 7" stolen
pinback walters autumn of the seraphs touch and go
conrad schnitzler wild space one blau captain trip
zu and mats gustafsson beasts only die to be born how to raise an ox atavistic
c.o.c.o. you think but you don't / tamara dobson play drums and bass k
mantar the world has moved on the second marriage records compilation marriage
spiral beach periscope s/t (self-released)
howard hello it's ok split 2xcd w/ greenness sickroom
matty pop chart thailand everyone does everything plan-it-x
the shacklefords stand up their complete recordings lhi
elf power kotton krown confuse yr idols - a tribute to sonic youth narnack
woods silence is golden how to survive and in the woods release the bats
billy sugarfix computers are better (website mp3) (unreleased)
colin clary blowin' off the sun live on no love for ned  
colin clary you don't have to prove live on no love for ned  
colin clary darlin' on a landline live on no love for ned  
colin clary really rootin' for ya live on no love for ned  
colin clary the night syd barrett died live on no love for ned  
colin clary twee ball live on no love for ned  
colin clary when the chorus hits the verse live on no love for ned  
april march garcon glacon chrominance decoder ideal
dave derby baby dave derby and the norfolk downs reveal
tim gane and sean o'hagan ecrivain ou professeur la vie d'artiste too pure
the real tuesday weld it's a wonderful li(f)e the london book of the dead six degrees
wheat little white dove everyday i said a prayer for kathy and made a one inch square empyrean
dodo bird men beware of the maniacs (self-released)
the gubernatorial candidates letters of marque s/t ep (self-released)
robert pollard piss along you bird rud fins 7" happy jack
home blitz something to do s/t gulcher
the secret stars can u feel it? geneologies shrimper
red queen hypothesis onto the tape contorted in deep space third uncle
guv'ner she's evil the hunt merge
times new viking love your daughters present the paisley reich siltbreeze