no love for ned 
setlist for 9.10.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
monster bobby the closest experience to that of being with you is the experience of taking drugs gaps hypnote
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the coathangers parking lot s/t rob's house
dear nora one two three four dreaming out loud 7" magic marker
rosa bike and high fives i mississippi you plan-it-x
the mendoza line packs of three final reflections of the legendary malcontent glurp
the lucksmiths macintyre (7" version) spring a leak matinee
foot foot out of the sand snaggle and buck oedipus
jens lekman a little lost four songs by arthur russell tribute ep rough trade
golden ghost a fallen tree that won't stand fauna of mirrors (self-released)
andre ethier honeymoon on blue fog blue fog
sun supreme (track three) s/t lp meds
sunset rubdown the courtesan has sung random spirit lover jagjaguwar
prinzhorn dance school don't talk to strangers s/t dfa
eight minutes here's some dances home schooled - the abcs of kid soul compilation numero group
eddie kendricks it's so hard for me to say goodbye all by myself hip-o select
j.k. and co. christine suddenly one summer sundazed
giant skyflower band time won't sing a song for you blood of the sunworm soft abuse
benni hemm hemm featuring jens lekman aldrei skvavars 7 morr
jennifer gentle wondermarsh live on no love for ned  
jennifer gentle liquid coffee live on no love for ned  
jennifer gentle it's in her eyes live on no love for ned  
jennifer gentle electric princess live on no love for ned  
ideal free distribution kodak stare happy happy birthday to me volume four compilation happy happy birthday to me
anton barbeau when i was forty six in the year thirteen in the village of the apple sun four-way
bella ocean or a lakeshore no one will know mint
the poison control center alice a collage of impressions afternoon
the 1900s two ways cold and kind parasol
doublehappys needles and plastic flying nun twenty fifth anniversary box set flying nun
land of talk magnetic hill applause cheer boo hiss one little indian
enon paperweights grass geysers... carbon clouds tough and go
fury and the mouse i can't keep my thighs off of you the seahorse of undesirable truth (self-released)
shapes and sizes the long indifference split lips, winning hips, a shiner asthmatic kitty
animal collective derek strawberry jam fat cat
elf power why can't i touch it nothing's going to happen orange twin