no love for ned 
setlist for 9.24.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
the four tops i got a feeling the complete motown singles volume seven- 1967 hip-o select
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
los campesinos! frontwards sticking fingers into sockets ep arts and crafts
saturday looks good to me the americans fill up the room k
new bad things one of these days ennui go darla
a smile and a ribbon book cover the boy i wish i never met shelflife
fewn lobbying congress for the right to punch you in the face foin awkwardcore
chris robley gaslight girl the drunken dance of modern man in love cutthroat pop
the consumer goods gunboat diplomacy happy bidet grumpy cloud
marcellus hall and the headliners laughing with you back where i started ep the secret stereo
iron and wine peace beneath the city the shepherd's dog subpop
magic markers empty bottles boss ecstatic peace
picastro in the weeds whore luck polyvinyl
harris newman opera house stomp decorated strange attractors
califone garlic head clown serenades ballerina crying vaseline tears deceleration one perishable
drona parva pfefferminz salvia door lp time-lag
castanets all that i know to have changed in you first light's freeze asthmatic kitty
his name is alive what color was the blood xmmer silver mountain
neu! good life four captain trip
analog cabin last train to the sun s/t slabco
sinkcharmer allis chalmers vegetable farmer asaurus
the cansecos nothing new to you juices! upper class
casper and the cookies not like you three and a half stars ep happy happy birthday to me
corpo diplomatico lisboa (quem quer comprar um ferrari) musica moderna lp da nova
mofungo hunter gatherer new york noise volume two - music from the ny underground 1977-1984 compilation soul jazz
max roach freedom day we insist! freedom now suite candid
talibam! guns and butter ordination of the globetrotting conscripts azul discografica
peter brotzmann two birds in a feather solo fmp
super rail band de bamako sory kongo sigui label bleu
the mystery meat sunshine makes it profiles shadoks
the green pajamas these are the best times narcotic kisses camera obscura
big star when my baby's beside me number one record stax