no love for ned 
setlist for 10.15.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
audubon park frightened by the lake teenage horses pox world empire
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the state of samuel square roots here come the floods total gaylord
slow club sunday because we're dead single moshi moshi
takka takka living out of trouble we feel safer at night ernest jenning
elias and the wizzkids young and hairy young and hairy ep hybris
tullycraft a cursed miss maybellene every scene needs a center magic marker
psychedelic horseshit new wave hippies magic flowers droned siltbreeze
fire engines everything's roses hungry beat acute
eric malmberg styx verkight och beat hapna
the waking eyes new rising sun combing the clouds endearing
the fugs wet dream electromagnetic steamboat - the complete reprise recordings rhino handmade
amber lions pink panther blood (excerpt) pink panther blood ep house of alchemy
anthony braxton and derek bailey the first set - area two first duo concert emanem
wzt hearts jeep uzi threads rope spell making your bones carpark
guitar the girl with the freckles that sound like two bells it's sweet to do nothing! (self-released)
pj harvey silence white chalk island
letters letters everyone's afraid of fear s/t type
golden death music walking nightmare ephemera blues helmet room
victor gama viagem sem retorno pangeia instrumentos rephlex
alexander turquist as the sun sets, we think of days to come faint at the loudest hour vhf
bitter, bitter weeks hanna peace is burning like a river high two
we will eat rats to survive life on a tabletop don't crochet on my parade (self-released)
bettye lavette somebody pick up my pieces the scene of the crime anti
giantess einstein of love s/t soft abuse
the luyas cats in a bag faker death pome
fuzzy surfing s/t seed
glenn mercer two rights wheels in motion pravda
watoo watoo chinatown la fuite letterbox
red krayola with art and language hostage sighs trapped by liars drag city
koushik and dudley perkins don't cry baby the free design - the now sound redesigned compilation light in the attic