no love for ned 
setlist for 12.31.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
the lovely public delicious surprise kisses burning tape at the mystery dinner wall of noise
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
thao nguyen with the get down stay down swimming pools we brave bee stings and all kill rock stars
ferns wistful thinking on botany fruit
astropuppees all about someday sugarbeat manatee
masked superstar to be continued i, team vaunted
monster bobby you going out gaps hypnote
yesan damen time spent elsewhere chronos/kairos new wine
the better beatles paperback writer mercy beat hook or crook
the craft economy drag on all on c ep (self-released)
bearsuit 14>28 what are you, the magic man? foxy boxer 7" fantastic plastic
dinosaur jr. freak scene bug merge
magic bullets lay low a child in life yet a doctor in knowledge words on music
bevel coronation day phoenician terrane contraphonic
plush having it all fed after hours
pandatone we fucking love happy together music related
silje nes ames room ames room fat cat
baja go wolpertinger! go! wolfhour other-electricities
kurt wagner chelsea hotel number two kurt (self-released)
holy modal rounders the second hand-watch (excerpt) indian war whoop esp-disk
the 180 gs i am god 180 d'gs to the future - the music of negativland seeland
icy demons jantar mantar miami ice easel music
vampire weekend oxford comma s/t xl
bee and flower two makes one last sight of land tuition
hello, blue roses coming through imposture the portrait is finished and i have failed to capture your beauty locust
game thoery couldn't i just tell you real nighttime alias
ninetynine eraser s/t endearing
the magnetic fields xavier says distortion nonesuch
my pal foot foot chasing the full moon black knight, black tie... where do the strangers meet majikick
fireflies kaleidoscope eyes goodnight stars, goodnight moon lavender
honeybunch light enough to fly s/t ep bus stop
monkey swallows the universe fonz you! the bright carvings thee sheffield phonographic corporation
dqe too late to love me i'm your girl dark beloved cloud
the peekers be love cheer 4 ep park the van