no love for ned 
setlist for 1.14.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
yo la tengo don't cry no tears freewheeling tour - live in boston, november 15th, 2007 (unreleased)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
jason collett throw the night these days here's to being here arts and crafts
nord express finger lakes loveland 1995-2005 peapod
vollmar avery s/t (self-released0
humidifier death on the cape nothing changes link
stephen malkmus and the jicks gardenia real emotional trash matador
the chicago women's liberation rock band don't need no doctor papa, don't lay that shit on me compilation rounder
woelv chanson pour le tigre pamplemoussi oie de cravan
shiver like timber the great escape of houdini and me s/t ep hand clappin'
perry leopold serpentine lane christian lucifer gear fab
steven r. smith whistling owl digitalis
autistic daughters uneasy flower uneasy flowers kranky
takehisa kosugi wave code number e-one (excerpt) catch-wave vivid sound
mudboy (untitled six) hungry ghosts! these songs are doors not not fun
randall colbourne between stations clarinet works withdrawn
sun ra abstract 'i' the magic city evidence
urban sax urban sax part two (excerpt) s/t cobra
valerio cosi hoboland valerio cosi and the spiritual committee foxglove
kuchen photo love kids with sticks karaoke kalk
spaghetti western lo duca brothers do right by people adonis
hauschka sweet spring come room to expand fat cat
big blood beast (one beast) big blood and the grove time-lag
kids are goats thought i'd let you know split ep w/ super famicom pj
kutomo ikimetsan neulasilla katsoin kauas ja sydameni oli kaukana compilation 267 lattajjaa
bird by snow great glower and gloam antlers and the sun and all the things that grow old and pass away gnome life
carolyn mark pink moonk and all the ladies nothing is free mint
erica pomerace you used to think folk is not a four letter word compilation delay 68
the monocles tim's song (fast) we were the monocles ep bunch of beatniks
shonen knife strawberry cream puff the birds and the b-sides virgin
the field mice by degrees peel session - april 23rd, 1990 (unreleased)
the lonesome architects was it you? the ocean at night oh! map
handsome furs cannot get, started plague park subpop