no love for ned 
setlist for 1.21.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
the capstan shafts low ceilings for bedhoppers environ maiden rainbow quartz
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
blind terry the subtle art of how to break a heart when prefab sprout wrecked my mind ep cloudberry
homescience smoke main sprit wiend damaged goods
the young republic when i see your eyes i swear to god that world collided twelve tales from winter city end of the road
plastic d'amour il y a nicolas siesta
the gongs the dinosaur (myspace mp3) (unreleased)
hayden the van song in field and town hardwood
the broken west baby on my arm i can't go on, i'll go on merge
super700 millions s/t motor
the receptionists berry stained live at under acme in nyc - january 16th, 1997 (unreleased)
un deux trois you earn your enemies lovers ep holidays for quince
teenage jesus and the jerks my eyes everything atavistic
deep dark united black rainbow look at/look out rat-drifting
peter grudzien echoing footsteps the garden of love subliminal sounds
the bitter tears please let me into the drench s/t roydale
cat power she's got you jukebox (limited edition) matador
sam moore dear old pal of mine moooohieee! em
fleet foxes white winter hymnal some of mount fairweather subpop
bloedrood eyes, mouth roetbloed sundays in spring
frequent flyer three legged cat s/t pan ami
the folk spectre radio pika the blackest medicine woodsist
white rainbow sand sifted sky shifter (excerpt) sky drips drifts states rights
keith jarrett kyoto part two (excerpt) sun bear concerts ecm
forkladd gud ditt rosa kranium s/t caprice
blue mitchell mamacita blue 'n groovy volume two - mostal modal compilation blue note
exploding star orchestra cosmic tomes for sleep walking lovers, part two we are all from somewhere else thrill jockey
the beach boys passing by friends capitol
team awesome! let's sing a song! greatest hits still soft
the russian futurists paul simon our thickness upper class
pedro hope is a happiness you, me and everyone mush
instruments of science and technology inst music from the films of richard swift secretly canadian
neon neon featuring cate lebon i lust you stainless style lex
the rosebuds push it (website mp3) (unreleased)