no love for ned 
setlist for 2.11.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
pete and the pirates dry wing little death stolen
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the brilliant corners arlington villas bbc sessions vinyl japan
masters of the hemisphere canal styles recycling the throwaways compilation bunch of beatniks
dead bird the sleepy suitcase split ep w/ madeline plan-it-x
the gifted children grace whitespace differences tinhorn planet
the barmitzvah brothers janitor let's express our motives - an album of under-appreciated job songs weework
the pastels i wonder why (second demo) entertaining edward cassette action tapes
the old soul e is for estrogen she's got party davis eyes hand of god
seeland wander wander 7" duophonic
throw me the statue lolita moonbeams secretly canadian
apparat organ quartet stereo rock and roll s/t tmt entertainment
girls are short osaka early north american upper class
we show up on radar the sun has got his hat on growing a girl (instructions on how to grow a girl without your wife finding out) records on ribs
evangelicals midnight vignette the evening descends dead oceans
oh astro (untitled six) chapions of wonder illegal art
yip-yip genius beast two kings of the same kingdom s.a.f.
hymie's basement ghost dream s/t lex
gai/jin m.o.d. theme gun court singles series 7" wabana
box untitled three studio one rune grammofon
religious knives adam it's after dark troubleman unlimited
jack rose cathedral et chartres i do play rock and roll ep three lobed
the boats we sometimes forget - one our small ideas our small ideas
bonnie prince billy the gator wilding in the west spunk
woods ring me to sleep at rear house woodsist
tom smith quidate quierda wayfaring strangers - guitar soli compilation numero group
moonstone relative hoak s/t kot'ai
moviola greenwood broken horses - early rarities spirit of orr
sholi hejrat hejrat 7" holocene
grand archives louis riel s/t subpop
hellsongs jump lounge ep lovely
vashti bunyan i want to be alone some things just stick in your mind dicristina
doleful lions saturday mansions song cyclops, volume two parasol