no love for ned 
setlist for 2.18.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
city center just a feeling january 2008 cd-r invisible friends
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
flower forever beach bum s/t team love
mousefolk end of the world corrupt postman compilation windmill
the shocking pinks emily s/t dfa
terry dunavan rock it on the moon rocket ship compilation buffalo bop
dave e. and the cool marriage counselors searching through sears s/t 7" christmas pets
jad fair a little bit more i like it when you smile paperhouse
xiu xiu featuring michael gira under pressure women as lovers kill rock stars
born ruffians barnacle goose red, yellow and blue warp
rings mom dance black habit paw tracks
idol fodder death and the maiden babytalk ep slender means society
theo andell byegone living bridge compilation rare book room
fred frith seven circles i back to life tzadik
jefre cantu-ledesma the light and perfections the garden of forking paths spekk
slurp dogs relleno for kings postal licks sloow tapes
steven r. smith across the flats owl digitalis
twelve cent donkey swamp shivers where there are no roads gulcher
alaska in winter horsey horse dance party in the balkans regular beat
malcolm middleton total belief sleight of heart full time hobby
adrian crowley morning frost a northern country ba da bing!
taxi! taxi! to hide this way s/t ep rumraket
the weird weeds i miss this i miss this autobus
monade elle topo monstre cosmic too pure
vitor hublot aller simple bippp - french synth wave 1979-1985 compilation everloving
mahjongg those birds are bats kontpab k
the constantines hard feelings kensington heights subpop
wolfie crab and the beach tall dark hill march
kahimi karie lolitapop dollhouse s/t minty fresh
wayne rogers there constant displacement drag city
the weeds wheatfields wheatfields 7" flying nun
bricks glue gun girl a microphone and a box of dirt merge
jackass reality bites (in santa barbara) reality bites (in santa barbara) ep smilex
archers of loaf nevermind the enemy vee vee alias