no love for ned 
setlist for 5.26.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
jason anderson i am like snow to you life sucks, love sucks, dose out states rights
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
guy blackman gayle adult baby unstable ape
still corners parallels remember pepper? ep (self-released)
douglas armour as bright as the stars the light of a golde day, the arms of the night the social registry
fluffy lumbers virginia beach the beach brothers ep (self-released)
no kids prisoner of desire split 7" w/ mount eerie caff/lick
common eider, king eider snowball for reuven how to build a cabin yik yak
sawako tsubomi, saku bitter sweet 12k
bexar bexar cotton in the grossness tropism western vinyl
nick hennies part three (excerpt) pressure (unreleased)
fieldwork balanced door pi
anne laplantine and f.s. blumm would we fa 10" alien transistor
laki mera no motion clutter rhythm of life
the m's get your shit together real close ones polyvinyl
crystal stilts bright night nursery s/t emusic select
chocolat billy versailles mon pere est ma mere les potager natures
flaspar new look live on no love for ned  
flaspar werewolves live on no love for ned  
flaspar ardent bartender live on no love for ned  
flaspar tarnisher live on no love for ned  
flaspar low neck live on no love for ned  
flaspar nothing left but fire now live on no love for ned  
factums me sing alien native lp siltbreeze
guitar what is love? dealin' with signal and noise onitor
stephan mathieu promenade radioland die schachtel
foot foot widow trumpet oedipus
entire cities turbines deep river ep (self-released)
bonnie 'prince' billy lie down in the light lie down in the light palace
butcher the bar new nest sleep at your own speed morr
buried beds forever in you empty rooms new planet
peter and the wolf where summer goes the ivori palms whiskey and apples
neil diamond if i don't see you again home before dark sony