no love for ned 
setlist for 7.14.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
nobunny not that good love visions lp bubbledumb
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
yamasuki singers abana bakana le monde fableux de yamasuki finder's keepers
meho plaza the beach s/t better looking
cats on fire higher grounds the provence complains marsh marigold
vampires of love hey there alex p. keaton s/t (self-released)
ariel pink before today unusual animals volume three (split 7" w/ half-handed cloud) asthmatic kitty
festival valentine come, arrow, come! language of stone
bodies of water keep me on a certain feeling secretly canadian
mark fosson frozen fingers the lost takoma sessions drag city
shannon mcardle poison my cup summer of the whore bar/none
cains and abels dark days call me up (unreleased)
jim and jennie and the pine barons just two more years s/t phovsho
charlie feathers a man in love wild side of life - rare and unissued recordings volume one norton
sunset old sandy bull lee bright blue dream autobus
antti tolvi tanan (excerpt) tanan ep peippo
christian weber walcheturm solo (excerpt) walchetrum solo cut
richard youngs and simon wickham-smith obese americans veil (for greg) jagjaguwar
the pyramids queens of the spirits king of kings pyramid
don cherry free improvisation: music now (excerpt) live at cafe montmartre 1966 esp disk
benjamin wetherill how lonely the moon laura ba da bing!
talugung the wonders of weather under humid light harha-askel
jacob borshard i can't go back to sweden summer's here! compilation eardrums
the social services the final countdown rewind - the eighties covers project compilation buffet libre
one happy island happiest in history s/t ep (self-released)
m. ward vincent o'brien (demo) transfiguration of vincent lp jealous butcher
the telepathic butterflies she looks good breakfast in suburbia rainbow quartz
pas/cal glorious ballads of the ignored i was raised on matthew, mark, luke and laura le grand magistery
vapnet inga faglar doda fallet hybris
beaujolais friday the thirteenth - the loft love at thirty parasol
los campesinos! 2007, the year punk broke (my heart) hold on now, youngster... arts and crafts