no love for ned 
setlist for 9.15.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
the hermit crabs lean free summer saw you dancing matinee
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the airfields the long way home up all night humblebee
the argyle wishlist scratchpad two shakes of a lamb's tail pickupsticks
seabear teenage kicks teenage kicks 7" morr
prairie cat it's good to be you attacks! ep catbird
waumiss nightengale or 460 above westwood, carrboro s/t lp little ramona
chad vangaalen city of electric light soft airplane subpop
the instruments first signs dark smaland orange twin
grand salvo hunters remorse death preservation
boduf songs i can't see a thing in here how shadows chase the balance kranky
helena espvall and masaki batoh zeranium s/t drag city
david byrne and brian eno my big nurse everything that happens will happen today (self-released)
deerhoof offend maggie offend maggie kill rock stars
the twinkeyz e.s.p. aliens in our midst - the complete recordings 1977-1980 anopheles
fuck buttons mogwai fear satan split tour cd w/ mogwai (self-released)
herbie flowers and barry morgan activity seven bass guitar and percussion volume one kpm
the stance brothers dynamite kind soul ricky-tick
schlippenbach trio amorpha gold is where you find it intakt
thousands strainer (excerpt) devious sieve digitalis industries
u.n.p.o.c. i love you, lady luck fifth column domino
tracy thorn dreamy a distant shore cooking vinyl
paiting petals on planet ghost sakura no hana no oto ga kikoeru s/t time-lag
common eider, king eider goodnight, your legs (part one) figs, wasps and monotremes root strata
castanets prettiest chain city of refuge asthmatic kitty
don chambers with goat this i know zebulon warm
john miller shady lane first degree blues blue goose
ignatz slumber with great peace hello there little ghost cassette dreamtime taped sounds
virgin insanity livin' lives illusions of the maintenance man p-vine
a boy named thor of parking lots s/t lp blackbean and placenta
titans of filth this humdrum town our coma summer bumblebear
pokett sand your picture here ep sundays in spring
devendra banhart mama wolf cripple crow xl
herman dune my baby is afraid of sharks next year in zion everloving