no love for ned 
setlist for 11.10.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
a.c. newman there are maybe ten or twelve get guilty matador
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
jay arner lake's surface jay divison ep (self-released)
jonathan richman vincent van gogh rockin' and romance twin-tone
fewn long-fingered foe echolocate yourself awkwardcore
jenny wilson would i play with my band? love and youth rabid
pepi ginsburg shone like a reverie red park the van
windmill fashion house puddle city racing lights friendly fire
state bird a voice as old as fire mostly ghostly record machine
wallpaper auto bop on the chewing gum ground k
j.p. mcclain and the intruders just another pop song just another pop album compilation titan
sexy kids sisters are forever sisters are forever 7" slumberland
sukpatch if you want me to stay light's end... love's swell ep heartphone
hot lava resolutions '08 lavalogy bar/none
stereo total la douche humanite do the bambi kill rock stars
the montgolfier brothers une chanson du crespuscule seventeen stars poptones
pierre bastien visions of shanghai visions of doing western vinyl
the blithe sons circling the great orthochromatic wheel family vineyard
mount eerie with my hands out dawn p.w. elverum and suns
someone still loves you boris yeltsin the house of memory fake bookshelf compilation the lifted brow
kaki king close to me perfect as cats - a tribute to the cure manimal vinyl
frida hyvonen december silence is wild secretly canadian
b. fleischmann phones, machines and king kong angst is not a weltanschauung morr
david behrman on the other ocean (exerpt) on the other ocean lovely music
richard skelton heys marking time preservation
sahib shihab yah yah blues a history of schema, numero uno compilation schema
way of the cross asahara renunciate (excerpt) mind of the dolphin lp phoenix
loren chasse and michael northam crag otolith nature strip
black time a boring day for the boredom boys double negative in the red
god is my co-pilot thank you, just thank you rough diamonds - rough trade singles volume four compilation rough trade
circus devils backwash television ataxia happy jack rock
wino what the paper said a bottle of pills with a bullet chaser temporary residence
beat beat without you without you 7" milk and chocolate
unrest coming hot and proud kustom karnal blackxploitation number six
pavement chevy (old to begin) brighten the corners - nicene creedence edition matador