no love for ned 
setlist for 12.08.2008 
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artist song title album title record label
jack sheldon the tale of mr. morton schoolhouse rock compilation rhino
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
beulah my horoscope said it would be a bad year inbred - sounds of the san joaquin valley compilation future farmer
sean lennon parachute friendly fire capitol
holly golightly look for me baby laugh it up! damaged goods
the karl hendricks trio the scoffer's reply a gesture of kindness spirit of orr
thomas function filthy flowers celebration alive
number one cup just let go possom trot plan flydaddy
mitch mitchell's terrifying experience get out of my world fuel compilation arena rock
charlie and the moonhearts thee t-rex song i think you're swell 7" goodbye boozy
wavves the boys will love us s/t woodsist
teddy and his patches suzy creamchease the pebbles box - box of trash compilation ubik
mystery girls the magic is gone incontinopia in the red
dark puspita benga melati green green grass lp mesra
mark kozelek celebrated summer the finally lp caldo verde
bon iver beach baby blood bank ep jagjaguwar
the ivytree white sun the jewelled antler library compilation porter
children's hospital roots alone together lp sacred bones
shoreline like me time well spent willkomen
felicia atkinson guitar means mountain la la la spekk
tomasz bednarcyzk so fragile painting sky together room40
strategy wurlitzer tapeloop electric soup 12" low point
magic lantern vampires in heat s/t lp woodsist
autoclave summer the machines 1990-1993 compilation simple machines
lindsay anderson here and now if minty fresh
cannonball jane the force of gravity street vernacular fortuna pop!
the magnetic fields smoke and mirrors mrg100 - mark robinson remix compilation merge
ho-ag a car is a weapon elektro ep (self-released)
little my sellotape my hands little my's seventh ep weepop!
arrah and the ferns problems evan is a vegan standard
ghost mice witches and warlocks split 7" w/ brook pridemore plan-it-x
foot ox about the ocean it's like our little machine distant colony
daniel johnston and then she kissed me merry christmas cassette stress
grant-lee phillips boys don't cry nineteeneighties zoe
cat power dark end of the street dark end of the street 12" matador