no love for ned 
setlist for 1.26.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
the reacharounds cut out bin rocks off 7" certified pr
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
eric and the happy thoughts indiana girls never gonna do it 7" bubbledumb
kuma broken bike hello, my name is kuma ep weepop!
blind pilot go on, say it three rounds and a sound expunged
bishop allen dimmer grr... dead oceans
chicago bass in out in out last california booms noon
valley lodge sold s/t d-text
rooftop vigilantes brad shanks want girlfriend carrot atlas woodenman
get him eat him blinders the throat is bent ep (self-released)
matt and kim lessons learned grand fader
lithops penrose avenue ye viols! thirll jockey
khonnor pea mag gourmet softbo ep moodgadget
storytelling diction courant bones vintervila
lisa freieck question mark you can still be paranoid knertz
hisato higuchi kizuato dialogue family vineyard
elm waves break into beams woven into light blackest rainbow
faunts place i've found high expectations/low results friendly fire
orouni the only pictures i've got jump out the window monster k7
andre ethier can't go back again born on blue fog blue fog
belleisle library longstanding ships at night
m. ward for beginners hold time merge
be gulls seasons by the beach rad
why? as i went out one morning unusual animals volume four (split 7" w/ cryptacize) asthmatic kitty
milford graves continuous conversation stories tzadik
hauschka wonder snowflakes and car wrecks ep fat cat
nifty two figures a sparrow! a sparrow! blocks recording club
sun araw horse steppin' (excerpt) beach head lp not not fun
the telescopes candy says heaven and hell - a tribute to the velvet underground volume one communion
the petals she seems to echo something pretty beautiful compilation brilliant
loney, dear i was only going out dear john polyvinyl
keith john adams inconsequential thought pip happy happy birthday to me
the human hearts the charm offensive civics tight ship
teenage fanclub and de la soul fallin' judgement night soundtrack sony
jerry butler hey, western union man love train - the sound of philadelphia compilation legacy