no love for ned 
setlist for 3.02.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
knight school who the fuck hung the moon the poor and needy need to party lost music
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
browns modern man family history 12" 1928
personal and the pizzas i don't feel so happy now no more s/t 7" g.o.o.c. entertainment
the matinees spoiler make the leap snowstorm
the softies that and everything love seat 7" slumberland
ballet in my head mattachine! (self-released)
the superfantastics van gogh choose your destination ep (self-released)
chain and the gang reparations down with liberty... up with chains k
billy childish it should be me loray head 7" slovenly
the mummies come on up never been caught telstar
statues you must be crazy broken hands 7" plastic idol
perfect fits radio transmitter radio transmitter 7" douchemaster
extra golden fantasies of the orient thank you very quickly thrill jockey
powerhouse sound king to crown oslo: breaks atavistic
create! duridana a prospect of freedom sounds are active
peter martin and finch one and i drouyn em
chriss sutherland new morning pine street worried love peapod
evan miller asphodel transfigurations on lap-steel guitar arbor
odawas our gentle life together the blue depths jagjaguwar
bonnie 'prince' billy there is something i have to say beware drag city
aretha franklin you'll lose a good thing sunday morning classics sony (uk)
lotus plaza quicksand the floodlight collective kranky
ribbons tongue tied royals osaka
languis strings close-up pehr
calvin krime sea lions trained to hug you're feeling so attractive amphetamine reptile
holy mcgrail i need somebody raw power suite brain donor
boyracer michael we are made of the same wood slumberland
indian jewelry airplane fake and cheap deleted art
beaujolais contemptual you love at thirty parasol
crystal antlers memorized tentacles touch and go
outrageous cherry horizon universal malcontents alive
gentleman reg how we exit jet back arts and crafts