no love for ned 
setlist for 3.30.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
lali puna i like rain not given lightly - a tribute to the giant golden book of new zealand's alternative music scene morr
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
sunset i'm not a perfect person (looks like i fucked up again) loveshines ii 7" autobus
the yeah yeah yeahs the diamond sea itunes live ep itunes
kaada marja dalia junkyard nostalgias kaaarec
the diamond center forget my name my only companion (self-released)
valet rainbow false face society lp mexican summer
rodent plague return to zero blue wave 7" kill shaman
red red meat mouse-ish (dub mix) bunny gets paid (deluxe edition) subpop
wooden shjips for so long dos holy mountain
the busy signals can't feel a thing can't feel a thing 7" shit sandwich
v-3 your girlfriend negotiate nothing ropeburn
pj harvey and john parish pig will not a woman a man walked by island
whatever brains crass ringtones mt. whatever 7" bull city
mark sultan hold on hold on 7" subpop
the mayfair set desert fun already warm 7" captured tracks
the besties julie jane live on no love for ned  
the besties what would tim armstrong do? live on no love for ned  
the besties terrible and true live on no love for ned  
the besties helgafell live on no love for ned  
the besties man vs. wild live on no love for ned  
the besties bone valley deposit live on no love for ned  
first floor power god damn your fingers don't back down crunchy frog
my darling you! dressed for success saying things you don't want to hear ep luxury
quiet hooves rattlesnake the dream scene party party partners
ilyas ahmed love after love goner root strata
new york art quartet black dada nihilsmus new york art quartet, 1964 esp-disk
steffen schleiermacher for bunita marcus (excerpt) morton feldman - the late piano works, volume two mdg
barn owl the last parade from our mouths a perpetual light digitalis
bill callahan too many birds sometimes i wish we were an eagle drag city
wooden wand shaving cold born bad lp people in a position to know
junior mays group round 'n round local customs - downriver revival compilation numero group