no love for ned 
setlist for 4.20.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
the mad scene the greatest time the greatest time 7" merge
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
fewn secret planet magical stupid bicycle awkwardcore
deastro tree frog spritle 7" five three dial tone
masha orella i'm a stranger here myself speak low morr
pterodactyl december worldwide jagjaguwar
dublin duck dispensary toy factory yykes basket ep rack and ruin
nice face nunfight can i fuck it cassette jerkface
these modern socks no one's gonna miss me picking a lock at the speed of light dead electric
casiotone for the painfully alone harsh the herald angels sing versus children tomlab
yo la tengo farewell adventureland adventureland soundtrack hollywood
bela emerson cavaquin hespera bip hop
montag blobal warning hibernation ep paper bag
motion postmark edit dust 12k
fabio orsi and valerio cosi the frozen seasons of lysergia, part one (excerpt) thoughts melt in the air preservation
quinta two dead birds my sister, boudicca tartaruga
ran blake pawnbroker driftwoods tompkins square
years a thousand times a day s/t arts and crafts
risto hiljaa, hiljaa sahkohairioon fonal
magnolia electric co. it's made me cry it's made me cry 7" secretly canadian
rozi plain sting sting live on no love for ned  
rozi plain happy and good live on no love for ned  
rozi plain you can see my boat live on no love for ned  
rozi plain stolen shark live on no love for ned  
joose keskitalo saippuakuplia tule minun luokseni, kulta helmilevyt
the watery graves and genevieve pour romain s/t marriage
text adventure i might be silly i believe in lassies dear stereo fan
andy robbins spirit drift with me red sun lines cassette sloow tapes
hole class wrong mirror s/t lp meds
dara puspita benga melati green green grass cassette plustapes
brilliant colors highly evolved highly evolved 7" captured tracks
stella peel change s/t milk and chocolate
obits i can't lose i can't lose 7" subpop
snake flower two things seem things seem 7" iekk! sounds
tyvek summer things blessed 7" les disques steak
pipe warsaw ashtray 7" merge
wax museums traffic violation traffic violation 7" douchemaster
sonic youth sacred trixter the eternal matador