no love for ned 
setlist for 5.11.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
liechtenstein roses in the park survival strategies in a modern world slumberland
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
pony up! charles stay gold (self-released)
apostle of hustle blackberry eats darkness arts and crafts
the very most you're in love with the sun summer ep indiecator
stuart murdoch with catherine ireton come monday morning god help the girl matador
joyce with nana vasconcelos and mauricio maestro metralhadiera visions of dawn, the paris 1976 project far out
city center open/house s/t type
hexlove new quote lyar pija two bogiem dreamsheep
neon indian local joke psychic chasms ep (self-released)
expo 70 cognac smoke night flights fedora corpse
nomo banners on high invisible cities ubiquity
rail band tamadiara african pearls - electric mali 70 compilation syllart
giuseppe ielasi part five (another) stunt 12" taiga
orenda fink and scalpelist permanent scar o+s saddle creek
dog day you won't see me on sunday concentration outside
double dagger vivre sans temps mort more thrill jockey
viking moses meet me by the river live on no love for ned  
viking moses migrating birds live on no love for ned  
viking moses jones boys live on no love for ned  
viking moses little bows live on no love for ned  
perfume genius write to your brother (myspace mp3) (unreleased)
iron and wine sacred vision around the well subpop
the bony king of nowhere alas my love alas my love petrol
james blackshaw key the glass bead game young god
plains learning to fly wmbr 'live on air', december 16th, 2008 (self-released)
tom james scott elephants school and rivers bo'weavil
band in box i was a bubble boy this fiction stereo test kit
oaxacan untitled three s/t majmua
sean mccann look out phylum sigh cassette dnt
tortoise the fall of seven diamonds plus one beacons on ancestorship thrill jockey