no love for ned 
setlist for 7.20.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
hello, i'm a truck ultrasonic cotton candy s/t framed
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
bevis frond and twink flying igloos magic eye lp woronzow
andrew jackson jihad heartilation can't maintain asian man
starlight mints black champagne change remains barsuk
olle ljungstrom blanda livet sju warner (sweden)
the most serene republic don't hold back, feel a little longer ...and the ever expanding universe arts and crafts
os mutantes teclar haih anti
fruit bats tegucigalpa the ruminant band subpop
jorge ben rosa, menina rosa samba esquema novo lp philips
kurt vile summer demons fall demon 7" skulltones
andrew douglas rothbard slip exodus arabesque peaking mandala
im jahrtal reprise ii reprisen un instrumentalstruecke cassette sloow tapes
eric carbonara it will always grow yet never bloom towards a center of infinite flux majmua
doby watson pummel twenty two orchid collective
jack rose and the black twig pickers bright sunny south s/t vhf
maher shalal hash baz machinations in your days c'est la derniere chanson k
broken trees happy still underwater peoples summertime showcase compilation underwater peoples
william parker clarinet trio fence in the snow (excerpt) bob's pink cadillac eremite
black motor aamen vaarat vastukset dreamsheep
ornette coleman lonely woman the shape of jazz to come atlantic
raymond scott oil gusher reckless nights and turkish twilight legacy
james carter, cyrus chesnut, ali jackson and reginald veal my first mine gold sounds brown brothers
z's mmw ii (part two) music of the modern white ep the social registry
blake miller tomorrow sorrow burn tape exit stencil
why? this blackest purse eskimo snow anticon
little girls youth tunes youth tunes 7" captured tracks
red mass red light little man 10" red lounge
sneaky pinks kill kill kill i can't wait 7" rubber vomit
ty segall 86'd universal momma 7" true panther
fergus and geronimo last letter harder than it's ever been 7" woodsist
the beets it's ok to lose don't fit in my head 7" captured tracks
the rantoules little bit of this little green hat 7" (self-released)
purple wizard i'm not angry i've been wrong before 7" show and tell