no love for ned 
setlist for 8.24.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
the pastels and tenniscoats about you two sunsets geographic
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
liechtenstein this must be heaven searching for the now volume five - split 7" w/ the faintest ideas slumberland
darlings friends forever yeah i nkow famous class
hearts of animals (unknown title) will it ever be? cassette boner nap
veronica falls found love in a graveyard found love in a graveyard 7" captured tracks
marmoset written today tea tornado joyful noise
sic alps l mansion l mansion 7" slumberland
circuit des yeux seunade to sophia sirenum lp de stijl
kurt vile overnite religion childish prodigy matador
hexlove scattered at last your love of music will be an important part of your life porter
chris corsano kittenish gnawing, part two another dull dawn lp ultra eczema
okkyung lee, peter evans and steve beresford egokrio-nar check for monsters emanem
vincent courtois, sylvie courvoisier and ellery eskelin all'improviste as soon as possible cam jazz
georg graewe, ernst reijseger and gerry hemingway continuum phase eight continuum winter and winter
mount eerie ancient questions wind's poem p.w. elverum and sun
muffin sea folklore reverb worship
(wooden) wand born bad live on no love for ned  
(wooden) wand los angeles manna live on no love for ned  
(wooden) wand eagle claw live on no love for ned  
(wooden) wand o babe it ain't no lie live on no love for ned  
jack of heart pony tail s/t born bad
dredd foole everybody gotta go songs to despond ya lp apostasy
lights we belong rites drag city
essie jain i remember it just like this don't run over the birds, please compilation leaf
dan zimmerman lonely way cosmic patriot sounds familyre
mount moriah only way out live at the cat's cradle in carrboro, north carolina - august 12th, 2009 (unreleased)
magnolia electric co. rider. shadow. wolf. rider. shadow. wolf. 7" secretly canadian
dark meat last of the frontiersmen when the shelter came ep emergency umbrella
sir lord van raven what's a boy to do please throw me back in the ocean happy parts
angry angles the fifteenth apparent transparent 7" plastic idol
meth teeth never been to church everything went wrong lp woodsist
the vice creems 01-01-212 01-01-212 1977
smith westerns the glam goddess s/t hozac