no love for ned 
setlist for 9.14.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
primitive hands split mind split mind 7" tic tac totally
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
hunx and his punx hey rocky gay singles lp true panther
personal and the pizzas brass knuckles brass knuckles 7" bubbledumb
fergus and geronimo blind muslim girl blind muslim girl 7" tic tac totally
the wicked awesomes! eighty gigabyte ipod punk holograms lp psychic handshake
the mcgoohans you don't know when to stop the mcgoohan touch lp onset-offset
intelligence reading and writing about partying reading and writing about partying 7" raw deluxe
yo la tengo by two's popular songs matador
thug theme from tsunami brothers blip, bleep - soundstracks to imaginary video games compilation lucky kitchen
mark mcguire searching losing sleep (self-released)
lokai salvador transition thrill jockey
fabrizio cacciamali a walk through the hills kobalt trees ep astor bell
sparklehorse and fennesz goodnight sweetheart in the fishtank konkurrant
grizzly bear featuring michael mcdonald while you wait for the others while you wait for the others 7" warp
david byrne girls on the freeway score! volume nine - selections from twenty years of merge records by david byrne compilation merge
vic chesnutt flirted with you all my life at the cut constellation
the mountain goats romans 10:9 the life of the world to come 4ad
goodtime john golden one dark slipped its cloak ep (self-released)
invisible river wait and see live on no love for ned  
invisible river clouds and snow live on no love for ned  
invisible river no color live on no love for ned  
invisible river stay asleep live on no love for ned  
big blood and the bleeding hearts night lighter s/t (self-released)
glenn jones a lark in earnest barbecue bob in fishtown strange attractors
evan caminiti ice marg digging the void students of decay
zak sally fear of song fear of song la mano
yesteryear friends of the fire under the rug magic eye singles
yawning sons tomahawk watercress ceremony to the sunset lexicon devil
atlas sound featuring noah lennox walkabout logos kranky
the sound of arrows into the clouds into the clouds 12" neon golden
decomposure past the post north carolina ep blank squirrel
washed out belong high times cassette mirror universe
real estate saturday morning atlantic city expressway ep future sound
desolation wilderness san francisco two a.m. new universe k