no love for ned 
setlist for 10.5.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
cosgrove they're there never kept a diary compilation motorcoat
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
hallelujah the hills you better hope (you die before me) colonial drones misra
meercaz legend s/t gulcher
the wildebeests please go home split 7" w/ knaughty knights norton
pens i sing just for you hey friend! what you doing? de stijl
girls of the gravitron violent appetites stolen victoria's seret giftcard or takeover (self-released)
life partners rapist gets off men are talking lp ride the snake
air waves waiting game s/t (self-released)
big star i'm in love with a girl keep an eye on the sky rhino
the burning hell grave situation, part three baby weewerk
michael and the mumbles need your love s/t lp de stijl
the love language stars s/t bladen county
levi fuller colossal colossal lp denimclature
port o'brien in the meantime threadbare tbd
cursillistas aphra bones les biches time-lag
azul campanella split lp w/ six organs of admittance psf
giardini di miro la favilla, part two il fuoco unhip
liza kate lose the covers live on no love for ned  
liza kate sun's no fool live on no love for ned  
liza kate no good live on no love for ned  
liza kate she's a machine live on no love for ned  
liza kate o sally! live on no love for ned  
liza kate cut me down that tree live on no love for ned  
nesey gallons abigail eyes and eyes and eyes ago lp hurrah for karamazov
lou barlow don't apologize goodnight unknown merge
om cremation ghat i god is good drag city
tonstartssbandht andy summers an when does are
broadcast and the focus group the be colony broadcast and the focus group investigate witch cults of the radio age warp
velvet davenport box lemon drop square box moon glyph
tickley feather not a drum hor d'oeuvres paw tracks
gas pushing against me compressed gas 7" siltbreeze
thee oh sees the river rushes (to screw md over) dog poison lp captured tracks
the mantles look away s/t lp siltbreeze
world's greatest ghosts on the shore no magic lucky madison
cartographers grandfather clocks s/t (self-released)
redd kross how much more freedom of choice - yesterday's new wave hits as performed by today's stars compilation caroline