no love for ned 
setlist for 10.12.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
lake don't give up let's build a roof k
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
sonny and the sunsets too young to burn tomorrow is alright lp soft abuse
lullatone a windy wednesday lullatone melody design library (self-released)
dylan mondegreen the world spins on the world spins on divison
sunbear dog bits indiecator
built to spill nowhere lullaby there is no enemy warner bros.
billy sugarfix out like a lamb summer tempests pox world empire
the horse's ha left hand of the cathmawr yards hidden agenda
barn owl ancient of days (excerpt) the conjurer lp root strata
heather woods broderick back room from the ground preservation
black eagle child untitled (excerpt) new molluska (split cassette w/ sean mccann) roll over rover
brother jt3 babyfat jelly roll gospel drag city
eternal tapestry cosmic dream the invisible landscape lp not not fun
choyce and the sharks sixteen chicks s/t ep kyb
little claw frozen in the future human taste ecstatic peace
dunebuggy baby, oh baby s/t cassette night people
my teenage stride theme from teenage suicide live on no love for ned  
my teenage stride heart shackles live on no love for ned  
my teenage stride gallipoli now live on no love for ned  
my teenage stride red nurse live on no love for ned  
dirty projectors what i see rise above dead oceans
lionel richie sela dancing on the ceiling motown
corpo diplomatico maria musica moderna lp da nova
hazy osterwald solid man rock rock rock - french rock 'n roll 1956-1959 compilation born bad
the electric bunnies chewing gum chewing gum 7" florida's dying
the american analog set featuring matt pond sharp briar hard to find - singles and unreleased 2000-2005 hometown fantasy
jason molina and will johnson twenty cycles to the ground molina and johnson secretly canadina
zak riles chloe s/t important
sylvie walder pastiche moments experimedia
on fillmore master moon extended vacation dead oceans
yo la tengo more stars than there are in heaven popular songs matador