no love for ned 
setlist for 11.16.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
hell shovel already gone already gone 7" telephone explosion
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
ida maria i like you so much better when you're naked fortress round my heart mercury
woolen kits teenage love teenage love 7" periodic collective
prickly death and the maiden velleity harriet
amen dunes patagonian domes dia locust
the wave pictures you're missing play some pool - the songs of bruce springsteen where it's at is where you are
golden ghost when worlds collide the unimaginative body epiphysis
helgi hrafn jonsson soft targets for the rest of my childhood sevanahalf
starless and bible black popty ping shape of the shape locust
daniel bjarnason blood to bones processions bedroom community
robert haigh invention one (improvisation) notes and crossings siren
fred anderson wandering staying in the game engineer
henk badings genese - finale more electronic music by badings basta
northerner 1976 1976 hibernate
pulse emitter oppressive nature two (excerpt) oppressive nature digitalis
olives tremble tremble cassette moon glyph
jay bolotin pretty burmah s/t locust
simone massaron and carla bozulich here in the blue dandelions on fire long song
ola podrida lakes of wine belly of the lion western vinyl
tin tin come on over again s/t magic
adam payne onallisalland maybelline weeks 7" malt duck
dan melchior's broke revue silly in philly o, clouds unfold! 2xlp hook or crook
dark meat flaps truce opium emergency umbrella
radian kinetakt chimeric thrill jockey
the concretes sunsets boy you better run now up
comet gain sunsets at her window sneaky beggars banquet
the primary five sunsets go re-action
the shins it's okay, try again yo gabba gabba - music is awesome soundtrack filter
michael and the mumbles yea yea yea s/t lp de stijl
t. valentine massius ray hello lucille... are you a lesbian? norton
bassholes swannanoa river ...and without a name lp columbus discount
thee oh sees blood in your ear blodo in your ear 7" rock is hell