no love for ned 
setlist for 1.04.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
son drop romulus is an owl deep in the underbark creep camp
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
limes diamond eyes yeti eight compilation yeti
whatercolor paintings a possibility open your mouth destructochard
teach me tiger remember me, remember u s/t cassette (self-released)
the loch ness mouse favorite films i would write a thousand words - a tribute to the television personalities, volume two the beautiful music
holland you are ambient noise codes for go compilation heartphone
internet forever break bones old recordings, live performances and covers cassette tape alarm
polyphonic size hiroshima 1945 saison 1979-1982 4xlp vinyl on demand
suma bay pockets the troubles (unreleased)
woodsman shutterlag collages lp mexican summer
valerio cosi i walk alone immoral attitudes foxglove
lloyd miller ntalogic oriental jazz lp east west
yuki murata unstable waltz films ricco
age of wire and string side a (excerpt) musica de ir ao o cu cassette anathema sound
tom carter and robert horton part two (excerpt) campfire cassette sloow tapes
sky dripping veno illusions in the air in krasnozem kuralfaune
cursillistas the heft of smoke live on no love for ned  
cursillistas tree curse live on no love for ned  
cursillistas tennessee live on no love for ned  
treetops central split cassette w/ abelar scout, evan miller and taterbug young tapes
pearls before swine there was a man balaklava esp-disk
vic chesnutt my new life skitter on take-off vapor
peter broderick looking thinking four track songs type
old canes trust feral harmonic saddle creek
john wesley coleman iii liquor store steal my mind lp certified pr
hue blanc's joyless ones familiar pop smuggler's choice 7" columbus discount
fungus brains day of heat ron pisto's real world lp max music
kitchen's floor deadshits loneliness is a dirty mattress rip society
beach fossils time (upcoming 7") woodsist
bugskull the bloat time is not our fried eldest son
the intelligence pony people fake surfers in the red