no love for ned 
setlist for 1.18.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
miles kurosky i can't swim the desert of shallow effects majordomo
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
happy birthday girls fm s/t subpop
harlem be your baby hippies matador
kevin coyne brothers of mine i want my crown - the anthology 1973-1980 virgin
the paperbacks perpetual autumn lit from within parliament of trees
indian wars carol anne if you want me 7" bachelor
le sang song death versus the rich s/t dragnet
dante and the lobster marine life wonders cassette moon glyph
teenage cool kids slave/master denton denton usa compilation play pinball!
modern convenience leech artificial light savoury days
myelin sheaths fun with science stackticon 7" bachelor
hanoi janes across the sea across the sea 7" captured tracks
the feelies i'll be your mirror play the velvet underground - live at maxwells, 5/14/83 (unreleased)
the rose garden here's today where the action is - los angeles nuggets 1965-1968 compilation rhino
metronome green and blue for the dead in space - a tribute to the works of tom rapp and pearls before swine magic eye singles
rainy day pinewood den no one deserves this 7" chemical wire
jesse winchester snow anthology castle
jack rose moon in the gutter luck in the valley thrill jockey
south china partridge and a pear tree live on no love for ned  
south china escape live on no love for ned  
south china sun sets on washington avenue live on no love for ned  
south china sister live on no love for ned  
kele goodwin kite strings portland stories compilation sonic pieces
michael clifford crab walking in the light tiny hands
sarah jaffe backwards/forwards ever born again ep summer break
holy sons from now on criminal's return important
tindersticks factory girls falling down a mountain constellation
bigger insides swimming pool hunters gathering cassette digitalis
billy gomberg and offthesky they were at the beach fly over sound experimedia
ken vandermark cement, for michael haberz (excerpt) annular gift not two
ella fitzgerald exactly like you twelve nights in hollywood verve select