no love for ned 
setlist for 1.25.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
dum dum girls jail la la s/t subpop
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
dreamdate new york city come over now chocolate covered
the argyle wishlist still around all details ep pickup sticks
the electric pop group drawing lines seconds matinee
the very most kite a year with the very most indiecater
shout out louds 1999 work merge
corndawg keep your body happy through exercise i'm not ready to be a daddy lp trd w/d
bettie serveert mossie pharmacy of love second motion
the little bicycles tennessee broken hearts and tired legs jane awesome
bike sunrise take in the sun march
robert pollard talking dogs we all got out of the army gbv inc.
the toms other boys do s/t not lame
the del-vetts we got a long way to go s/t 10" sundazed
plane the red princess kremlin cassette rare youth
sam goldberg ticket to ride (excerpt) out of body experience cassette pizza night
chicago underground duo hermeto boca negra thrill jockey
four tet she just likes to fight there is love in you domino
warne marsh quartet you stepped out of a dream ne plus ultra hatology
enuma elish leviathan leviathan lithiq
montag angel, i will walk you home des cassettes und un walkmen jaune ep (self-released)
mattress lost and found low blows lp malt duck
silk flowers cannibals and headhunters flash of light 7" post present medium
coyote cleanup dumbass things double trouble doo doo bubble afternoons modeling
sweet trip misfortunes are cruel you will never know why darla
javelin soda popinski s/t 12" thrill jockey
asura peptine s/t 2xlp non projects
parenthetical girls doughnut the scottish play 10" tomlab
bjork and dirty projectors mother orb live at housing works, 5/8/2009 (unreleased)
anni rossi and whitman at the swimming pool collaborative 10" people in a position to know
the shacklefords everything i touch turns to tears their complete recordings lhi
the magnetic fields you must be out of your mind realism nonesuch
resplendent dust of luck i am free ep mixxtape