no love for ned 
setlist for 3.01.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
the new pornographers your hands (together) together matador
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
love is all false pretense two thousand and ten injuries polyvinyl
felix obelix see the stain come out with lye the tick of the clock, the beat in the chest pox world empire
my sad captains building blocks here and elsewhere stolen
matt pond pa running wild the dark leaves altitude
sonny smith the bride sordid tales of love and woe (self-released)
the visitors never has, never will miss matinee
jerusalem and the starbaskets gulf of mexico (website mp3) (unreleased)
vashti bunyan here (demo) music and migration compilation second language
guanaco serendipity (excerpt) sky burials lp blackest rainbow
california e.a.r. unit for philip guston (excerpt) morton feldman's "for philip guston" bridge
minamo green mirage black river tzadik
alan licht and loren connors into the night sky (excerpt) into the night sky family vineyard
mark mcguire far away (excerpt) guitar meditations volume ii wagon
carta bank of england an index of birds silber
shearwater silver bodies the golden archipelago lp matador
stanley brinks then came the man hoots radbab
peter moren esther i sparen av taren (self-released)
the sticks night of pleasure s/t upset the rhythm
guinea worms apples in the oatmeal sorcerors of madness 2xlp colubus discount
jaill always wrong there's no sky (oh my my) cassette burger
eddy current suppression ring i can be a jerk rush to relax goner
wolf people empty heart tidings jagjaguwar
b.y.o.death snowy eyes snowy eyes cassette bridgetown
dunebuggy (side b) suck me through a flavor straw cassette night people
yesteryear thru the day seasonal affective disorder ep (expanded) (self-released)
the bundles ishalicious s/t k
ass ponys laughing at the ghosts the okra years shake it
kath bloom freddie thin thin line caldo verde