no love for ned 
setlist for 3.15.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
air waves sweetness golden hour 3x7" compilation 1928
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the go find cherry pie everybody knows it's gonna happen only not tonight morr
happy birthday fun s/t subpop
the splinters sorry kick double negative
sukilove new beginning static moves jezus factory
black tambourine dream baby dream s/t slumberland
dum dum girls throw aggi off the bridge blissed out cassette art fag
clorox girls novacaine demos, rarities and early 7"s cassette burger
pack lookin' for danger s/t lp vinyl
junkers i can see the sun i can see the sun 7" genpop
the fresh and onlys dreaming is easy august in my mind 12" captured tracks
personal and the pizzas i ain't taking you out raw pie cassette burger
the lemonheads kitchen (demo) it's a shame about ray (collector's edition) rhino
elephant micah to exit this circular highway elephant micah plays the songs of the bible birds time-lag
the magickal folk of the faraway tree being here has caused my sorrow the soup and the shilling deserter village
johnny cash satisfied mind american vi - ain't no grave lost highway
carolina chocolate drops kissin' and cussin' genuine negro jig nonesuch
crown prince waterford move your hand, baby eat to the beat - the dirtiest of them dirty blues compilation bear family
hamid drake's bintu take us home reggaelogy rogue art
polar bear the shapes in the clouds aren't always happy dim lit babel
izintombi zasi maje maje awufuni ukulandela na? next stop... soweto - township sounds from the golden age of mbaqangwa compilation strut
caribou jamelia swim merge
kammerflimmer kollektief rotwelsch wilding staubgold
high places the most beautiful name high places versus mankind thrill jockey
lali puna remember our inventions morr
mike downey let the woman in let the woman in digital single rain above
death domain walking hands choreutoscope cassette jerkwave
lawrence arabia the undesirables chant darling bella union
cloud nothings strummin' turning on lp speakertree
home blitz two steps out of phase richie
beachniks coney island brighton beach 7" captured tracks
the feeling of love la bas c'est natural school year 7" sweet rot
bobby ubangi out of line inside the mind of bobby ubangi lp rob's house
boat lately setting the paces magic marker
best coast when i'm with you when i'm with you 7" black iris