no love for ned 
setlist for 4.12.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
allo, darlin' dreaming dreaming 7" fortuna pop!
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
still flyin' run away train ii run away train ii 7" ernest jenning
deerhoof hitch hike rules to rock by soundtrack walker books
jeremy jay splash splash k
baffin island you make two weeks two days between two waves compilation eardrums
teacups mon petit poisson avec beats forest fiction (self-released)
diamond rings on fire wait and see 7" tomlab
washed out hold out 2010 tour cd-r (self-released)
matt k. shrugg history gone astray lp tic tac totally
mind spiders dirty secrets worlds destroyed 7" dirtnap
the resonars world apart that evil drone burger
the liminanas i'm dead i'm dead 7" hozac
woods death rattles at echo lake woodsist
cleaners from venus hand of stone under wartime conditions cassette burger
pussy galore sweet virginia exile on main street cassette shove
holly golightly and the brokeoffs murder in my mind medicine county transdreamer
harlan t. bobo drank sucker goner
alex bleeker getting by these days 7" group tightener
aarktica autumnal in sea silber
slow six the night you left new york tomorrow becomes you western vinyl
thresholders protective instincts (excerpt) protective instincts tape drift
trans am interstellar drift thing thrill jockey
city center box of rain welcome home/diggin' the universe compilation cassette woodsist
celer things gone and still here (excerpt) rags of contentment cassette digitalis
dane t.s. hawk ping pong moods and grooves ninth world
lee morgan tempo de waltz city lights blue note
parker paul comfort inn food service sounds are active
bill janovitz i'll get by (website mp3) (unreleased)
luis nanook a brand new day place flyrec
mark stringing you along regressing cassette union pole
jetenderpaul stowaway banjo don't look down ep velvet blue