no love for ned 
setlist for 6.21.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
darren hanlon electric skeleton pointing ray guns at pagans flippin' yeah
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
hexicon something strange beneath the stars the blossom sights haircut
half-handed cloud armstrong's love as stowaways in cabinets of surf, we live-out in our members a kind of rebirth asthmatic kitty
soda fountain rag are philosophers lonely? reel around me 10" yes boy ice cream
gold-bears tally tally 7" magic marker
for ex-lovers only coffin coffin 7" magic marker
neverever bitch boys angelic swells slumberland
women eyesore public strain jagjaguwar
vermillion sands sew my heart s/t alien snatch
jack rose with d. charles speer and the helix the longer you wait ragged and right ep thrill jockey
matthew sawyer and the ghosts mynah bird's call how snakes eat fire
venice is sinking tugboat sand and lines lp one percent press
andrew chalk morning star ghost of nahodka siren
matt valentine and erika elder right to dry liberty rose child of microtones
steven r. smith and gareth davis the line across, part one (excerpt) the line across lp alt.vinyl
masahiko togashi ring five rings east wind
christopher hipgrave go with the loops slow, with pages of fluttering interference low point
oval featurette oh 12" thrill jockey
matmos and so percussion treasure treasure state cantaloupe
joseph jarman as if it were the seasons (excerpt) as if it were the seasons delmark
frank lowe brother joseph black beings esp-disk
henry grimes trio walk on the call esp-disk
kay kay and his weathered underground ol' rum davies s/t suburban home
the native cats no demons always on ride the snake
magic kids summer memphis true panther
stars of aviation underneath the elms by the shore ep weepop!
the divine comedy neapolitan girl bang goes the knighthood (self-released)
hong kong in the sixties disintegration willion pattern songs ep proper songs
mike downey slow ravens a pile of lo-fi volume three compilation
david bazan magazine live at electrical audio undertow
herpes keine experimente das kommt vom kussen tapete
mother of fire tendrilled mas s/t lp de stijl
no joy no summer no summer 7" mexican summer