no love for ned 
setlist for 11.08.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
cuffs you can come true four-track demos ep (self-released)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
wild nothing asleep golden haze ep captured tracks
gigi featuring joey cook one woman show maintentant tomlab
alex winston choice notes choice notes 7" heavy roc
dangerous ponies i only wear my favourite clothes s/t punk rock payroll
eux autres wind me up broken bow bon mots
bevil web gleemer (alternate version) split 7" w/ three dream bag simple solution
the sandwitches summer of love summer of love 7" 1-2-3-4, go!
dunes little stems old souls 7" art fag
sleep-over sunspots s/t cassette night people
jeans wilder surf's up relics 2xcassette bathetic
harps of future kalmia and dora bonfires and family tree echo palace of finitude three legged cat
the bad trips secret place open lp rocketship
bill orcutt (untitled four) way down south 12" palilalia
ilyas ahmed ahmajan between two skies digitalis
des ark which one of you assholes ate christmas live at wxdu, volume iii (self-released)
shearwater (untitled seven) shearwater is enron (self-released)
lindsey mills weeks all things are unknown to someone this big monster
terry let me see you smile rojvi lp noose
marion brown the sound of a song in sommerhausen calig
vandermark five early color (excerpt) the horse jumps / the ship is gone not two
mary halvorson quintet crescent white singe saturn sings firehouse 12
eleanor murray hush (smash!) oh thunder bicycle
girls substance broken dreams club ep true panther
the philistines jr. my brother tom, the green beret if a band plays in the woods... tarquin
the 1900's lay a ghost return of the century parasol
the legendary jim ruiz group without you, gurl sniff minty fresh
stereolab two finger symphony not music drag city