no love for ned 
setlist for 12.06.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
orca team burn your cash let it go (self-released)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
peach kelli pop badd news s/t lp going gaga
kelley stoltz baby i got news for you to dreamers subpop
the capitols who can tell? who can tell? 7" cafe
the blanche hudson weekend song for kristen hate is a loaded gun 7" squirrel
orange juice lean period (12" dub version) coals to newcastle domino
kleinen fruhstuck what the turtle tolled me well, i don't see why not volume one compilation ms. valerie park
gospel music featuring tracyanne campbell automobile duettes 10" fierce panda
cats on fire poor students dream of marx dealing in antiques matinee
baffin island darlin, please come home you invited me digital single eardrums pop
doronco gumo umi old punks dilettante music
white woods now is not a time bellplay cassette night peoples
frederick squire we are all the middle child march 12 blue fog
mick flower and chris corsano duo third strike you'll never work in this town again (self-released)
keijo and jarmo gotta find somebody talkin' 'bout death past gone ikuisuus
carolina buddies he went in like a lion baby, how can it be - songs of love, lust and contempt from the 1920's and 1930's compilation dust-to-digital
emmanuelle parrenin ce matin a fremontel... maison rose lion's head
jandek duality of self, part three (excerpt) toronto sunday corwood industries
gareth davis and machinefabriek drape, part one (excerpt) drape home normal
sam rivers circles contrasts lp ecm
kate walsh unbelievable peppermint radio blueberry pie
the gentleman losers at dawn i am the morning clouds, at evening the falling rain rural route number five ep standard form
warpaint baby the fool rough trade
boduf songs i am going away and i am never coming back this alone above all else in spite of everything kranky
malcolm middleton one more song live in zurich! (self-released)
kyst grass so bright cotton touch gingerbread
dj dogwater the whole of the matter well, i don't see why not volume two compilation ms. valerie park
slow loris ghosts extra colors (self-released)
chalk and numbers let's go away he knew ep (self-released)
air waves ride dungeon dots underwater peoples
the pains of being pure at heart heart in your heartbreak heart in your heartbreak 7" slumberland