no love for ned 
setlist for 1.03.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
the hive dwellers get in get in 12" k
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme  
darren hayman staying in january songs blog (unreleased)
olafachada there is another sky tall with hard long eyes digital single eardrums pop
the whitsundays how long will you go on saul friendly fire
the necessaries more real event horizon lp sire
beach fossils calyer what a pleasure ep captured tracks
city center after hours new beginnings academy cassette life like
bjorn torske kokning kokning smalltown supersound
foxes in fiction please note swung from the branches moodgadget
owen pallett export eight export ep (self-released)
loch lomond i love me little me will start a storm tender loving empire
elvis costello poor borrowed dress national ransack 7" hear music
mary halvorson and jessica pavone hartford aux volume two - experimental sound from athens, georgia compilation aux
o paon la plus puissante du mond courses lp (self-released)
frode gjerstad and paal nilssen-love klopotec (excerpt) gromka not two
evan parker and sten sandell psalm two psalms psi
rob mazurek obliqua calma gente submarine
konono no. 1 guiyome assume crash position crammed
milton hamilton crystalized the blank generation - blank tapes, nyc 1975-1985 compilation strut
destroyer song for america kaputt merge
deerhoof secret mobilization deerhoof versus evil polyvinyl
the do too insistent slippery slope get down!
extradition a moon song hush p-vine
allo, darlin' i wanna be sedated no more of your fairy stories - an indiepop loveletter to ramones tribute precordial catch
annelies monsere shining road twelve-foot wize compilation bluesanct
ben and vesper luv in idleness luv in idleness ep sounds familyre
girls names i lose split 7" w/ brilliant colors slumberland
welders p-e-r-v-e-r-t s/t 7" bdr
red mass true romance jesus 12" florida's dying
the beets just a whim stay home captured tracks
yuck suck s/t fat possum
the twin atlas never disappear good light tappersize