no love for ned 
setlist for 4.25.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
shane lobotomy i can't help myself i can't help myself 7" fatal seizure
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the twerps black eyes black eyes 7" underwater peoples
moustache of insanity postcards to strangers postcards to strangers ep (self-released)
sweet bulbs kissing clouds s/t lp blackburn
boomgates layman's terms layman's terms 7" smart guy
fucked up featuring dylan baldi it's hard to be a dad david's town lp matador
eleanor friedberger my mistakes last summer merge
yellow ostrich libraries the mistress lp afternoon
art hospital sunburn (mikyokay mix) we just call it roulette volume four- it happened compilation lp st. ives
13 and god armored scarves own your ghost anticon
stephin merritt dream again franz ferdinand tribute 12" domino
alexander navarro virgo superclusters loka 12" sem
tearjerker slip away strangers cassette sweat lodge guru
danie levin quartet kaleidoscope original modernism clean feed
ballister trio bastard string (excerpt) bastard string (self-released)
nu creative methods le marchand de calicots le marchand de calicots lp d'avantage
trondheim jazz orchestra featuring kim myhr acolian bloom stems and cages mnj
mountains january 17 air museum thrill jockey
mark mcguire the path lined with colorful stones (excerpt) a young person's guide to mark mcguire editions mego
jonathan meiburg hymn to the valences hymn to the valences 12" graveface
damien jurado diamond sea live at landlocked lp secretly canadian
mississippi john hurt hop joint the immortal mississippi john hurt lp vanguard
hiss golden messenger bad debt bad debt black maps
julian lynch on eastern time terra lp underwater peoples
the wave pictures little surprise beer in the breakers moshi moshi
the cakekitchen you'd better get off your arse kangaroos in my top paddock lp violet times
bitch prefect holiday in america marilyn monroe 7" rip society
girls names bury me dead to me slumberland
the unfuckable day off complicated meditation class 7" aarght!
jerusalem and the starbaskets first cigarette in the rain dost lp de stijl
the fresh and onlys wash over us secret walls ep sacred bones