no love for ned 
setlist for 5.16.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
herman dune tell me something i don't know strange moosic fortuna pop
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
fruit bats featuring j. mascis wacs tripper (outtake) (unreleased)
me and stupid sayonara days / shock and awe s/t in a cabin with
brainbows broken bell mutual interest ep (self-released)
fucked up a slanted tone david comes to life matador
boring girls revolving doors s/t (self-released)
fire engines new thing in cartons lubricate your living room lp accessory
cowabunga babes food peloso 7" (self-released)
je suis france shaker baby let's give 'em something to talk about lp nokahoma
ben and vesper understruggle: yay, win honors sounds familyre
van dyke parks public domain song cycle warner bros.
joe mcphee survival unit iii hmm (for maryanne amacher) syncronicity harmonic convergence
attilio mineo man seeks the future man in space with sounds subliminal sounds
rene hell simple variations on the canon pacific support compilation cassette draft
alva noto and ryuichi sakamoto microon i summvs raster noton
tenniscoats tamashi tokinouta majikick
bobby and blumm on an unknown becah not given lightly - a tribute to the giant golden book of new zealand's alternative music scene morr
dustin and the furniture falling apart no living in the living room sweet now
man man steak knives life fantastic anti
glenn jones on the massachusetts-virginia border even to win is to fail (split lp w/ black twig pickers) thrill jockey
derek monypeny point pinole don't bring me down, bruce lp raheem
matt valentine and erika elder the crash palace of records country stash lp three lobed
thurston moore january demolished thoughts matador
key losers bi-focal california lite lp p.w. elverum and sun
city center puppers redeemer k
horrid red silent party silent party 7" soft abuse
brute heart blindfolded lonely hunter soft abuse
thao and mirah little cup s/t kill rock stars
the wooden birds struck by lightning two matchsticks barsuk
amy klein i know what you want i know what you want (self-released)
matthew friedberger i met the queen of the night in the daytime meet me in miramas lp thrill jockey
chad vangaalen heavy stones diaper island subpop