no love for ned 
setlist for 6.27.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
erquist breaker 42,069 seconds with... ergquist ep (self-released)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the sea urchins you're so much stardust sarah
exlovers you forget so easily you forget so easily ep chess club
witch gardens fiesta texas alice, agatha, branch and christ cassette wonder beard tapes
golden grrrls date it beaches 7" night school
jack of heart if you go to hell s/t born bad
cola freaks slukket s/t lp douchemaster
sarandon big trev the age of reason slumberland
joe lally fort campbell, kentucky why should i get used to it dischord
red asphalt peligro red asphalt 7" egg and anvil
still corners cuckoo cuckoo 7" subpop
amazing births whelm (excerpt) younger moon lp cylindrical habitat modules
yellow6 and david newlyn miniature five miniatures ep hibernate
matt valentine avenue b what i became lp woodsist
drunk elk i want to be your pet seneca's last breath 7" quemada
bonnie 'prince' billy and the phantom family halo suddenly the darkness the mindeater 10" sophomore lounge
frederick squire there's a place that i can go sings shenandoah and other hits blue fog
marissa nadler wind up doll s/t box of cedar
eleanor murray the whale live on no love for ned  
eleanor murray scream live on no love for ned  
eleanor murray little warrior live on no love for ned  
grand hallway little sister winter creatures porchlight
eric dolphy far cry far cry lp prestige
sorry bamba boro volume one, 1970-1979 thrill jockey
g.c. cameron act like a shotgun our lives are shaped by what we love- motown's mowest story 1971-1973 compilation light in the attic
club 8 western hospitality the people's record labrador
city center modern love redeemer k
throw that beat in the garbagecan! you're exactly what i want large marge sent us! spinart
gardens and villa thorn castle s/t secretly canadian
kelly slusher one more thing telephone 7" pet set
orange cake mix a dream away elefant radio 68.2 fm stereo compilation elefant
burning hearts the swallows into the winderness ep shelflife
the 6ths featuring mark robinson puerto rico way wasps' nests london
brown recluse golden sun evening tapestry slumberland