no love for ned 
setlist for 7.04.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
eastern phoebes old toronto gypsy paw ep february
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
kuma my little sister, haruko hello, my name is kuma ep weepop!
formerly known as oedipusaurus rex watershed at teulluride s/t chucklehound
moustache of insanity lynn lowry album of death lp fika
dirty mittens arcadia heart of town magic marker
the awesomelies i object to your room make way ep (self-released)
sleepy township singing doll the way things change volume five compilation 7" red square
night manager cosmonaut pizza pasta 7" fire talk
borrowed beams of light king and queen stellar hoax world
reports bill wyman metal detector bill wyman metal detector 7" ride the snake
jetz do you think that's funny the anthology 1977-1979 lp queen mum
le almeida micropontes mono maca tranfusao noise
hygiene twenty-nine bus recruitment 7" going underground
number one cup pocket possum trot plan flydaddy
junkers out of your mind watch the day ep genpop
rancheros loose it up blues jangala (self-released)
madeline night owl black velvet happy happy birthday to me
hello shark stars are glow split 7" w/ advance base people in a position to know
the jersey barrier mercury dimes steady pace in the slow lane (self-released)
the sarcastic dharma society you swan go on other people's songs, volume one less than three
blithe field you are here two hearted lefse
lucky dragons a ray array (excerpt) a ray array cassette (self-released)
white hinterland distance (cinnamon remix) all my friends are right here with me - the songs of tiger saw tribute burst and bloom
helado negro con suerte canta lechuza asthmatic kitty
keith tippett's ark frames, part two (excerpt) frames- music for an imaginary film ogun
john zorn and fred frith horse rehab late works tzadik
pharoah sanders love is everywhere wisdom through music impulse
the raincoats shouting out loud odyshape rough trade
the just joans stuart had a dirty book your pain is a joke next to mines ep weepop!
beirut east harlem the rip tide pompeii
matt pond pa petit oiseaux split 7" w/ rocky votolato polyvinyl
butcher the bar cornered to the cusp for each a future tethered morr
allo, darlin' if loneliness was art (acoustic version) my heart is a drummer 7" fortuna pop!