no love for ned 
setlist for 8.22.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
the magnetic fields featuring susan anway take ecstacy with me obscurities merge
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
very truly yours girls tell you secrets girls tell you secrets 7" cloudberry
stray kites caligula mieux (self-released)
the pooh sticks the rhythm of love the great white wonder zoo
the replacements kiss me on the bus tim rhino
bad sports someday in the future kings of the weekend dirtnap
veronica falls bad feeling bad feeling 7" slumberland
collage party the hum midnight mind (self-released)
the clap broken ribs (super x-ray machine) spider house five ep (self-released)
lost sounds i sit, i watch, i wait (demo) blac static fat possum
ty segall and mikal cronin i wear black reverse shark attack lp kill shaman
fanzine i wanna touch your hand low ep (self-released)
amen dunes swim up behind me through donkey jaw sacred bones
radio people walls in motion hazel lp mexican summer
camille vertige le fil virgin
machinefabriek sol sketch eight sol sketches (self-released)
david borden, james ferraro, samuel godin, laura halo and dan lopatin internet gospel, part one frkwys volume seven 12" rvng
graham reynolds the difference engine, part two - ada the difference engine innova
tied and tickled trio and billy hart violent collaborations, part one la place dmeon morr
archie shepp steam, part two attica blues impulse!
kings go forth get a feeling the outsiders are back luaka bop
tony e som colorido o carona brazilian guitar fuzz bananas- tropicalia psychedelic masterpieces 1967-1976 compilation tropicalia in furs
the george-edwards group i see your smile 38:38 lp galactic zoo disk
woods skull split 7" w/ kurt vile woodsist
bill cosby and his white puddin' pops sweet the passion of the pops lp krazy punx
tropical popsicle always awake in shadows the beach with no footprints 7" volar
bill baird we'll meet again someday, or we won't goodbye vibrations lp (self-released)
friend roulette or berlin sailing song ep (self-released)
someone still loves you boris yeltsin tin floor 51 tape club polyvinyl
that dog. he's kissing christian totally crushed out! dgc
girls honey bunny father, son, holy ghost true panther
small reactions nerve pop nerve pop (self-released)
reading rainbow dead end split 7" w/ super wild horses hozac
dum dum girls teardrops on my pillow only in dreams subpop