no love for ned 
setlist for 10.13.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
beyonce countdown four columbia
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the pipettes stop the music earth versus the pipettes fortuna pop!
acid house kings featuring dan treacy heaven knows i miss him now heaven knows i miss him now 7" labrador
regina mustavalkeaa soite mulle friendly fire
still corners the white season creatures of an hour subpop
advance base single girl, married girl traditionals (split 7" w/ concern) orindal
my little airport company reduces staff three hundred people hong kong is one big shopping mall harbour
dot dash seconds in a day spark > flame > ember > ash the beautiful music
the rileys finders keepers the world and his wife a turntable friend
razorcuts i'll still be there r is for razorcuts matinee
fonda a love that won't let you go better days ep (self-released)
jonti nodlews way home twirlgig stones throw
gal costa lua lua lua lua cantar philips
william parker and ici ensemble let's change the world winter sun crying n.e.o.s.
steinbruchel n variations two narrow ep room40
simon scott labano bunny miasmah
siegfried palm penderecki's sonata for cello and orchestra (excerpt) grosse interpreten neuer musik lp wergo
mark fry and the a. lords even the sky goes blue i lived in trees second language
bonnie 'prince' billy new tibet wolfroy goes to town palace
the pine hill haints moon shadow welcome to the midnight opry k
bob dylan the love that faded the lost notebooks of hank williams tribute columbia
little sur a retrospective's bliss barbarosa ep (self-released)
bellows you are not asif to say i hate daylight (self-released)
geoffrey o'connor expensive vanity is forever chapter
left with pictures go simon, go! in time organ grinder
amanda applewood still smiling i love boys too young to die
pocketbooks the sky at night carousel odd box
the autumn leaves a place called somewhere treats and treasures grimsey
thrills hey (not another face in the crowd) d.i.y.- mass. ave.- the boston scene, 1975-1983 compilation rhino
yussuf jerusalem cruel love song blast from the past lp florida's dying
young prisms eleni (rear house recording) demos, etc. cassette gnar tapes
pujol mayday nasty, brutish and short ep saddle creek
boats chrome eyelids cannonballs, cannonballs kill rock stars
the apples in stereo twenty cases suggestive of... number one hits explosion yep roc