no love for ned 
setlist for 11.10.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
dreamdate make it last melody walk lp tic tac totally
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
afternoon naps beach bums parade happy happy birthday to me
close lobsters boys and girls forever, until victory! the singles collection fire
medicine something goes wrong the buried life american
los campesinos songs about your girlfriend hello sadness arts and crafts
boat bite my lip dress like your idols magic marker
king louie's missing monuments victory lap painted white lp douchemaster
the pleasure seekers good kind of hurt what a way to die (self-released)
mark sultan pounding living my life 7" sultan
the chantells world of soul boddie recording company- cleveland, ohio compilation numero group
your heart breaks featuring stebo, team gina and karl blau (you've got it) the right stuff sensual seduction 7" off tempo
saturday looks good to me make a plan fill up the room k
teen men fall out a tree (website video) (unreleased)
dntel last songs (vocal version) life is full of possibilities (deluxe edition) subpop
fang wizard fink beverage fink beverage cassette teenbeat
rob crow tranked he thinks he's people temporary residence
blouse into black s/t captured tracks
cough cool stolen clausen cassette not not fun
withered hand r u courageous? you're not alone ep fence
the hive dwellers messed up and ramblin' gnarcotics unanimous compilation cassette gnar tapes
the renderers restraint of beasts a rocket into nothing ba da bing!
kazuki tomakawa darkness within the country of falling cherry blossoms lp king
parenthetical girls sympathy for spastics privilege part iv- sympathy for spastics 12" slender means society
jane birkin help camionneur di doo dah light in the attic
peter broderick old time old time 7" erased tapes
guanaco willows expulsion into offering four (split cassette w/ black eagle child and woodpecker wooliams) a beard of snails
ken vandermark and tim daisy impasto the conversation multikulti project
michael white spirit dance spirit dance verve
nat baldwin black square seasonal disorder- autumn compilation burst and bloom
a classic education billy's gang dream call it blazing lefse
radar eyes miracle miracle 7" hozac
real estate easy days domino
acid house kings lost and found heaven knows i miss him now 7" labrador
heavy d and the boyz don't you know heavy hitz mca