no love for ned 
setlist for 11.17.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
household go away items 12" dull knife
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
slothbear wide berth canter on ep (self-released)
crystal stilts radiant door radiant door ep sacred bones
the evens timothy wright two songs 7" dischord
dot dash alright, alright spark > flame > ember > ash the beautiful music
matt k. shrugg we were d.o.a. we were d.o.a. 7" tic tac totally
marvelous darlings friend of a friend single life deranged
mannequin man ok s/t addenda
ketamines new victims line by line 7" hozac
king khan and bbq we are the ocean we are the ocean 7" sultan
great lakes blood on my tooth (website mp3) (unreleased)
lambchop if not i'll just die mr. m merge
a winged victory for the sullen minuet for a cheap piano s/t kranky
200 years city streets s/t drag city
bry webb undertaker provider idee fixe
wooden wand hand off heart archives volume three 6xlp people in a position to know
andrew paine and alistair crosbie waterlines headwaters sirenwire
mem1 and stephen vitiello electrinocellia (excerpt) age of insects dragon's eye
svarte greiner and alexnader rishaug arsg sgar miasmah
endangered blood k s/t skirl
sao paulo underground afrihouse sauna, um, dois, tres aesthetics
aura first taste of love s/t lp lion productions
birdwatchers what you've been running from kissing friends ep (self-released)
gathered ghosts feels like nothing s/t (self-released)
my brightest diamond high, low, middle all things will unwind asthmatic kitty
the embassy i lay awake life in the trenches- the other side of... 2001-2011 service
nucular aminals eat me s/t k
the chance live lies bleeding krypton ten- christchurch 1981-1987 compilation 2xlp unwucht
jay reatard you get no love you get no love 7" shattered
graham repulski everyone likes my three dollar shirt my color is red 7" big school
total slacker psychic mesa thrashin' lp marshal teller
the gaye blades pretty boy s/t lp norton
the fall taking off ersatz g.b. cherry red