no love for ned 
setlist for 12.01.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
hunx always forever hairdresser blues hardly art
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
matt lemay a portrait of the man a portrait of the man digital single (self-released)
the scrotum poles pick the cat's eyes out revelation 7" dulc-i-tone
tenement halls bestboy grow up/move out- a fayettenam records compilation fayettenam
roar i can't handle change i can't handle change ep quote unquote
fan modine m.o.i. (can we dance?) gratitude for the shipper daniel 13
harvey and the phenominals darlene (vocal) boddie recording company- cleveland, ohio compilation numero group
hungry gayze roadkill roadkill 7" florida's dying
the black tambourines a lot of friends (bandcamp mp3) (unreleased)
ill murray throats fugu ep (self-released)
the rainyard town i won't recall hell bent suicidal over you, baby 7" summershine
kourosh yaghmaei kei toe miayee beautiful rivers and mountains- the psychedelic rock sound of south korea's shin joong hyun, 1958-1974 compilation light in the attic
okkervil river one soul less on your fiery list golden opportunities two ep (self-released)
wooden wand and the briarwood virgins good time man briarwood fire
ralph white high on a mountaintop the hanged man cassette sloow tapes
feral child anxiety attack number seven holy shit! what's this i feel ep (self-released)
chuck johnson swallon the sun a struggle not a thought strange attractors audio house
antonymes a light from the heavens the license to interpret dreams hidden shoal
yo-yo ma, stuart duncan, edgar meyer and chris thile here and heaven the goat rodeo session sony masterworks
goo goo dolls we are the normal superstar car wash metal blade
circus devils legendary breakfast code capsized happy jack rock
little big league tokyo drift (bandcamp mp3) (unreleased)
julia holter office of the dead eating the stars cassette sixteen tambourines
nils frahm familiar felt erased tapes
aidan baker remembered time (excerpt) still lives primary numbers
the claudia quintet+1 featuring theo bleckmann do me that love what is the beautiful? cuneiform
blue cranes new jersey cantus firmus ep (self-released)
airstrip magician's assistant (bandcamp mp3) (unreleased)
this poison! you think engine failure 7" reception
the royal we all the rage s/t geographic
korps so talk to me karen hello world gulcher
spirit night twenty five split digital single w/ david f. bello (self-released)
sea lions my girl everything you always wanted to know about sea lions but were afraid to ask slumberland
gospel music apartment how to get to heaven from jacksonville, florida lp kill rock stars